5. E – Commerce Website PHP Tutorial – Inventory Management Continued

www.developphp.com In this 5th video we will continue creating the Inventory management functionality in the Admin area. List all inventory and make a form and parser for adding new inventory items. The E – Commerce Web Site we will be assembling is one in which all of the inventory is in a MySQL database and we offer a custom PHP cart for a unique shopping experience. It is a site that handles sales, customers, and inventory.


  • adam you are the master 🙂

    thanks for all your great work this year, i cant wait to see what new great things you are going to come out with in 2011


  • If you find yourself away from HomeFriendsAndFamily this Christmas,
    if you can’t stop reminiscing on good days gone-by, don’t feel pity! I want you to know there is a place for you at my table, at my home this Christmas.

  • Merry Christmas!!!
    How can one manipulate the codes generated by dreamweaver to suit what I want.. for example the Yes or No options!!! It is possible to use a javascript code to raise the Yes or No option before deletion?

  • how do you work with either form variable, cookie, session variable and server variable instead of url parameter in parsing query for the edit or delete operation

  • Hi Adam,

    I really love your tutorials,
    i have learned alot from you. thank you.

    in your series on E-Commerce Website Tutorial, a future video will talk about different payment gateways, you said though you are going to concentrate on PayPal.

    Rightly or wrongly i’m a big Google Checkout
    fan myself. So could you maybe create a
    series of videos on the different gateways,
    such as WorldPay, 2Checkout, PayOffline, etc

    This would be a big help.

    Many Thanks

  • Hi Adam,

    I have a problem with my admin_login.php and my inventory_list.php. Where can I access the correct code?

  • Hey bro, the line break between items already added doesn’t seem to work with firefox. It just puts them next to eachother. Non enjoy 🙁

  • @sarassason
    Hey man I’ve just been pausing the vid and hand typing in the code. I had some issues to but I figured them out. Double check the spelling of EVERYTHING is all I can recommend, lol. For example, I had exists in one line and exist in the next line. That caused me all sorts of problems!

  • if i hit refresh i get : Your login session data is not on record in the database ?
    ps i use firefox browser

    why is this happening ?

  • @gogira
    I got the same problem, keeps saying session data is not on record in database…must be a fault somewhere with “header(…)” code.. can anyone try to correct this?

  • @pitfall86 the code does not have any errors , you can skip to tutorial 20 and download the full source code and try it out , it all works well. my problem was the web server that i used , to make it work i tried out xampp and it did.

  • Thanks for the great video! If you need help installing, configuring, or setting up zen cart, check out our channel for lots of Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorials:

  • Your login session data is not on record in the database ? I use Hostgator and it did work I entered two products! Then I got this error… I get it everytime now and I have to clear my cache before I can even try to sign in as admin again.
    PLEASE HELP me. I installed xampp even it did not work.

  • I have been watching your tutorials for a long time now. Everything includin php and mySQL. I still gathering knowledge. I am trying to make multiple restaurant food ordering webpage and I do not have luck. My knowledge is still not so profesional. So if you would ever have some spare time to make a small fast tutorial on how to make something like that it would be great. But till than I will try to modify this ecommerce tutorial as much I can.
    Keep the good work you are very good. Thank you

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