• Glad you liked the vid. If you view the credits at the end of the vid, some cool stuff as well you might want to check out by the original content sources.

    Social Media is huge, if you know what you are doing. It does not have to be a hard-labour industry. Easiest £ you could ever make by just helping local business owners profit by enabling them to dominate their local markets with any variety of strategic search marketing procedures. Cheeeyaasss Mate!

  • tnx, the real work on the vid was done for the Socialnomics project. What’s here is a modified version. A lot more could be indicated on the raw opportunity of SEO and search marketing. 4 example if u include “home based businesses” within the equation, the number of US based businesses rises to about 40 million. Opportunity is sick. Yesterday I rcvd an email from one of my clients / customers who sold a $2,000 per month SEO deal on his own & a $1,000 per month deal. W/ His own methods!

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