Catholicism vs Atheism which is the more logical ? Brett Kenster vs Rant God TV (PG)

Date: February 9, 2012 |admin | Ecommerce

“I just saw your last video and before I go on I want to thank you for rapidly accepting my generic anti religious videos as a reply , that said hows about you and I have a recorded dialog? Debating what is more logical Atheism or Catholicism? Both of us would have our own copy that we can both monatize on any site we saw fit but also you may use as many people as you wish during the talk to help you anyway you wish , you can bring your entire church and “tag anyone in” that you see fit. It will just be lil old me on my end … so yeah it will be you and your best assembled army vs. me .. come on it should be fun pick any date and time you wish I am ready at anytime. ” Brett Kenster Please follow my twitters Are you over 18? Then please add me as a friend on facebook Please follow my other YT channels as my videos are uploaded randomly to each one (current Red Ch) (curret Black Ch) (current Blue Ch (current Yellow Ch) (current Purple Ch) is my on line store that is owned and run by Amazon. If you are ever going to do any on line shopping would you please go though my url ? It will forward you to my amazon store which is really just amazon itself however whenever someone uses my url we make a small commission , but you still save enough to make it worth the effort. The reason is Amazon saves in advertizing by using people like me and they pass enough of a

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