DC Universe Online – Cinematic Motion Comic – New Heroes and Villains

Date: February 16, 2012 |admin | Ecommerce

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Date: February 9, 2011 |

dis is some sweet shit


Date: July 9, 2011 |

I had a freaking Orgasm just cause of this!


Date: July 14, 2011 |

sucks p2play and now people are leaving the game ….sad


Date: August 5, 2011 |

I’ll give a name to the new heroes we just saw:

Brain Freeze
Red Riding Hood
Emerald Knight
Fallen Angel
Smoking Curcuit
Crimson Energy
Ravaging Root
Power Patriot


Date: October 1, 2011 |

@hot1cold0 It is going f2p in october.


Date: October 9, 2011 |

beast of a game, cant wait till f2p comes out

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