Flipkart: No Kidding. No Worries. (Parlour)

Date: February 10, 2012 |admin | Ecommerce

“No Kidding, No Worries” The second ad in a series of four. Agency: Happy Creative Services Pvt. Ltd. Production House: Foot Candles Director: Aiyappa



Date: October 2, 2011 |

first to comment hahahahaha


Date: October 7, 2011 |

Love The Expression When The Cutie In The Left Says Oh Kabeer Handsome Guy! And The Girl Gives A Stare Back! Oh Yeah! :P 


Date: October 12, 2011 |

Yes what a stare she gives….even adults will fail before them


Date: October 27, 2011 |

Simple idea strategically executed. What’s more, campaignable for life with ‘no worries’ of predictability nor fatigue. A splendid case study of an ‘idea is an orphan looking for adoption’. You guys have redefined FUN da MENTAL !. No kidding!

Sam Rufus, Learning Person, EPIC – Enriching People In Creativity, New Delhi

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