“Im gonna hit this weed, then Im gonna drop this fool” Bizarre commercial for store (rated MA)

Date: January 31, 2012 |admin | Ecommerce

Disclaimer : Brett Kenster is a highly exaggerated fictional parody character who is played by an actor/writer with the very same name. Most of what you will hear are tall tales built on the shoulders of real life events that he has experienced in some form. Brett is here to make you feel raw emotion, hundreds of man hours have gone in to making and creating each distinctive corresponding personality trait and manner of speaking for his multiple personalities ie Brett the bully, Brett the scientists,Brett the patriot,Brett the comic, Brett the mafia boss,Brett the hardcore gangster,Brett the deep thinker and Brett the paranoid selfish coward. Brett is made to be an interactive character so feel free to say whatever and rate however you wish as we do not believe in practicing any form of censorship and we all have very thick skin around here. All that we ask is that you understand that this is all for your entertainment, so please do not let anything said really hurt your feelings. The truth is no matter what kind of a person you are or how you feel about us we are just grateful that you found us worthy of your time regardless if you give us praise or scorn. The following is a list of things you can do for us to make us feel cared for. Friend Brett on facebook www.Facebook.com Follow Brett on www.twitter.com Give a monetary gift via PayPal (links below, on FB and our YT front pages) or you can use his G-mail BrettKenster@gmail.com Share and rate our videos Subscribe to



Date: December 21, 2011 |

I’m up to my fucking arse in hydrocephalus. I will trade $1 Australian for 1 hour with the lovely icons’ wife. Doorn!


Date: January 13, 2012 |

where do i get some of JW’s Voodoo Weed… hook a brotha up! lol

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