Masters of Brass – Nils Landgren – Funk Unit – The Crusaders – NDR Big Band

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Interview Film in English by Jon Welch & Son Nguyen (ca. 190 Minutes; Download Only – ca. 664 MB). Available in the Online Store at Nils Landgren is one of the most successful and versatile solo trombone artists and bandleaders of our age. With 23 solo albums to date, he has traversed a musical landscape that reaches from Swedish folk music duos to jazz ballad recordings, from stone cold funk sets to lush symphony orchestra collaborations. He is a highly sought-after guest at many European jazz festivals such as Jazz Baltica and Montreux and has recorded and performed with such artists as Quincy Jones, Thad Jones, Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker, Al Jarreau, Herbie Hancock, Chaka Kahn, ABBA and Wyclef Jean. His steady projects include the Nils Landgren Funk Unit, the Crusaders with Joe Sample (he is the worthy successor of Wayne Henderson), the Swedish Bohulsan Big Band and he has a long-standing relationship with the North German NDR Big Band for whom he presently serves as artistic advisor. In this film Nils traces his musical journey from his childhood in a Swedish steel town to his breaking out of Scandanavia onto the wider European stage and then beyond to the US and Asia. He recounts his vast recording experiences and his ultimate attraction to groove-oriented music. Always in hand, Nils has been playing his signature red Yamaha trombone for over twenty years now (he’s the man with the “red horn”) and explains in detail why this dual bore special



Date: February 8, 2009 |

Great work and a very interesting interview! Can someone tell me please, which song plays in the beginning?


Date: March 2, 2009 |

i wonder that 2


Date: April 20, 2009 |

I would love to know what the song at the beginning is, thanks!


Date: May 29, 2009 |

This is great wish it was longer.


Date: July 18, 2009 |

i want know … beginning play song!!


Date: October 6, 2009 |

I can tell he likes to stay in the upper range, but playing that high means nothing unless you can do it from the pedaltones. Anybody can squeal, all of the partials are so together that over compensating is common, more often than not, so the trick is doing without considerable movement with emborshure. From Pedal E or lower with F attachment to Double C and beyond in tune I might add!


Date: October 23, 2009 |

There is a difference between squeal as you say and actually playing a note with solid sound and support. You can hear tons of air coming through his horn. If you squeal you do not get that effect. Also chances are if you are playing on a peashooter the lowest note you can get “in tune” is a pedal F. The E is way too sharp.


Date: December 4, 2009 |

I’m a getzen guy, but yamaha makes a pretty sweet jazz horn


Date: December 29, 2009 |

That’s not true at all, I’ve heard Joe Alessi play crazy high with the clearest most beautiful tone. I’ve played lowwer, in tune, than pedal F on my King 2B.


Date: May 29, 2010 |

Wow, at 1:28 those are some nice trombones.


Date: July 4, 2010 |

look 8:40


Date: November 1, 2010 |

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Date: November 27, 2010 |

His very good player.
o, o I remember Nils from concert with Michael Ruff.

regards bmkband poland


Date: November 30, 2010 |

does somebody know artists that make funk like nils landgren? thanks for your help


Date: December 25, 2010 |

THIS IS LIKE AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD!!!!!!! Nils Kills! :-D I’m actually obsessed with him!! Fantastic stiff nils, this interview was fantastic and I learnt quite a bit as a bone player myself! :-))


Date: January 2, 2011 |



Date: January 16, 2011 |

@TRCVyrus If you find out, please notify me as well!

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