Online Sales Training – High Transaction Selling

Date: January 21, 2012 |admin | Ecommerce Interactive Online Business to Business sales training programs Anyone working in a selling situation where they see a lot of customers and prospects and are expected to transact a lot of sales knows that it’s getting harder. For one thing, customers are showing up with both more information and more miss-information. They have Goggled up some information, but they can’t sort out data from opinions. Sometimes they get information from their social media network. But it’s often conflicting information. They arrive skeptical of anything a salesperson says and with so much contradictory information that the thing they fear most is making a decision. To be effective in this climate, high transaction salespeople must abandon their traditional selling role and become the customer’s trusted buying assistant. That starts when the salesperson reaches out and accepts the responsibility for both the selling and buying cycles. They have to be experts in the products they sell and experts in understanding the features, functions and benefits their products and services have to offer. In short they have to be competent and professional in their mastery of what they sell. Next they also need to be experts and fully knowledgeable about their industry, their competition and the trends and issues that are creating buzz. The most important thing they must do, however, is keep that information, expertise and mastery from the customer. Here’s the point, while subject

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