Online Sales Training – Sales Training To Sell To 21st Century Customers

Date: January 17, 2012 |admin | Ecommerce Interactive Online Sales Training Program. This sales training video demonstrates how we can help you build a more committed, skilled and productive sales team. Learn how to sell to 21st century customers by empowering your sales team. We all want a sales team that is energetic, positive, committed, professional and improving every day. One comprised of hardworking self-starters, determined, self-confident, fearless, disciplined and organized team players. If this describes every member of your sales team, our hat is off to you. If not, we can help you make it a reality. Empowering your sales team starts with New Beliefs. To change behavior you must first change beliefs. New beliefs are needed about your products and services, about what you are capable of achieving and about your ability to make the changes needed to achieve your goals. We teach salespeople how to shape and expand their beliefs using a process of affirmation and visualization combined with disciplined daily action Once new beliefs are in place, new attitudes are possible. It’s not enough to have a positive attitude. You must communicate your positive attitude to everyone. Your positive attitude must come from heart-felt convictions that you are in business to serve the wants and needs of customers and that your products and services are the very best. We teach salespeople how to gain and maintain the kind of “can-do,” “make it happen,” positive attitude needed for long term

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