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Date: January 31, 2012 |admin | Ecommerce

Sell on eBay and Amazon – Make it happen with Finding a reliable supplier and seller on eBay and Amazon doesn’t have to be a taxing process. can help you make it happen both cost efficiently and quickly, as testified by Chris Dawson, co founder of Tamebay and an eBay Professional Seller. Chris Dawson, a buyer on, has sourced wholesalers through the world’s largest online b2b marketplace. Here, he gives his tips on how to become an eBay Top-rated Seller — from calculating your prices, giving clear, concise descriptions of your products, to providing great customer services. It is essential to use a tested sales strategy in order to make this a profitable exercise. The ultimate aim is to become a Top-rated Seller on eBay, so your products will be promoted and ranked more highly in the search result. A key factor of this is to offer great customer service – make sure you provide fast shipping methods, communicate with the customers well, and accurately describe the products. and Chris Dawson have come together to guide you through the pitfalls and consideration of selling on eBay and Amazon. With over 1 million registered members in UK, make it happen with now. Register with at and win up to £1000 worth of business or import/export training courses!



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