Stop Piracy By Offering It Online – Lost Sales Invalid Argument When You Don’t Sell It Online

Date: January 22, 2012 |admin | Ecommerce

AND I’M NOT EVEN ADDRESSING THE PART WHERE THE FILESHARING SOFTWARE IS HOSTED BY CBS(CNET) OR THE FACT THAT HOLLYWOOD THRIVES ON STEALING COPYRIGHT TO MAKE “ORIGINAL CONTENT” – POT, KETTLE, BLACK,… THE PROBLEM IS WE ARE ALLOWED TO DOWNLOAD AND IT”S NOT PROVIDED DIGITALLY, THAT IS NOT THE CONSUMERS PROBLEM. YOU DON’T HAVE LOST SALES IF YOU ACTUALLY TRY TO SELL IT !!.. PLEASE END THIS NONSENSE, I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT TAKING THIS ANY MORE. The problem with mass copyright infringement is a service issue. “overseas” will not pirate everything if the companies provide affordable digital channels. The ones that shout the loudest that they have lost revenue are the worst in supply. – etc etc .. Slowly we’re waking up to the digital era. If main stream media won’t give us the full story and our global governments fail in the copyright enforcement and resort to try to change the internet to please corporations we’re doing something wrong. The blackout this week showed that we can and will get the message out what’s wrong and what needs to change. I can create my own short clip but it will be rubbish and I just had a small idea.. We can cooperate on a awesome piece of art, get input from the actual artists that are represented by the copyright laws and because we have the numbers push it into viral media which fortunately gets picked up by bits of the mainstream media that have not forgotten their roots and will get the message out further. sure copyright has it’s merits and

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