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Date: January 25, 2012 |admin | SEO – Use SEO with us! As for the surveys, 90 % of web visitors use a search engine, and in 89.8 % of the web hits, the web sites on the first search page are selected. Hence it is obvious that you only have any chance to attract a lot of visitors — and additionally get income — if your web site is among the first ones on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Of the CPC (Cost Per Click) systems, the Google AdWords program is the most favoured. Our company undertake to carry out full-scale CPC campaigns: these are mostly recommended because our clients — in contrast to the traditional advertisements, where the price depends on the number of the appearance — pay only for the number of the actual site visitors. Marketing can be done on Internet by several means. We can hire banner places, can write articles and can enrol into partner programmes, or link exchange programmes, However the most effective marketing technique is to take a good place on the hit list of the search engines. As for the marketing, such kind of advertising which was not obtained by money, is more valuable for the user. It is so because he thinks this price should be paid not by himself in the price of the advertising. The Internet, as an advertisement method — in contrary to the conventional advertisement surface — gives a possibility to fully record and analyse purchaser reactions. Every change on the web site can give measurable results and this negative or positive reaction can immediately be measured



Date: January 24, 2012 |

Congratulation for this SEO (search engine optimization) video.
Great, but short description of the them of SEO :)

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