Build a Joomla Template from scratch – Part 2

Date: February 9, 2012 |admin | Joomla

Norm Douglas shows you step by step how to build a Joomla Template from scratch. Update December 2010: Please note that I now have a completely updated version of this video available on my new site



Date: November 19, 2009 |

ist besser im ggs zu teil 1. etwas genauer und läßt dem zuschauer zeit, sich den Code anzusehen.


Date: January 4, 2010 |

Why did you use the solution with 155 margins for #mainbody div and used floats on both #left and #right to keep the on the edges instead of using three independently left-floating divs as column wrappers?

Does it have any advantage over the simple 3-divs-3-columns solution that I don’t know of? :)


Date: February 5, 2010 |

Thanks for teaching me CSS. Where’s the Joomla! Instruction?


Date: February 19, 2010 |

can’t wait to get to the joomla part in the next tutorials. but I like the ground up approach.


Date: June 8, 2010 |

Test in a standards compliant browser first and then sort out IE’s idiosyncrasies afterward, not the other way around.


Date: December 1, 2010 |

he farts exactly on 4.00 ;)


Date: December 1, 2010 |

What is the name of Program what u using? 0.o xd


Date: December 2, 2010 |

Dreamweaver 8


Date: December 14, 2010 |

Need to marry you ****


Date: January 6, 2011 |

Question: My thought on this entire process is that it would be so much easier, at least for me, to go Save (sliced) PSD as html+images > Dreamweaver > enter the jdoc:includes > DONE!

Instead of all this.

Is it possible to place the HTML somewhere so doing it as described above is possible? I’m asking here because I’ve asked on the official joomla site as well and haven’t even received a reply.

How do you do it with HTML? Can using CSS be avoided? I’d prefer to do it that way. Easier! :)


Date: January 6, 2011 |

@arel3 If it were that easy… then there wouldn’t be a whole industry of template creators. HTML is NOT easy. That’s why commercial templates exist for those not willing/capable of learning. To be perfectly frank, I’m glad that it’s not that easy, that way I can feed my family ;)


Date: January 7, 2011 |

Very true. HTML is easy for me because I’ve been at it for 20 years or more.
Feeding my family is why I want to learn how to do it as well. I guess I have to figure it out.
haha I’m getting old and don’t have the determination to figure things out as much as I did 10 years ago.
Some hints would be appreciated.


Date: January 15, 2011 |

I tried following your tutorial but when I preview the site in Joomla I get this message:

500 – JHtml: :icon not supported. File not found.
You may not be able to visit this page because of:

an out-of-date bookmark/favourite
a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site
a mistyped address
you have no access to this page
The requested resource was not found.
An error has occurred while processing your request.

I’ve only started with Joomla 1.6 a few days ago…any help?!


Date: February 7, 2011 |

i dont get it left and right and main will slide in? dont they go one under another by default?


Date: May 29, 2011 |

@sale666 yes, by default they go one on top of another. but since he is using float left, the left will then be forced to the left, and the right will be forced to the right (float right was used). no float was used on main so main “slides” up after the left since that’s what happens by default. now, if something is added after mainbody, then it will be placed under main body since mainbody doesn’t use float e(ex ample: footer)


Date: September 26, 2011 |

@alco19357 Ive done exactly everything he mentioned and my main -body section site underneath and over top of right and left, cant fiqure it out?


Date: January 10, 2012 |

Isit me or was that a fart at 4:00?


Date: January 25, 2012 |

Check out my website for free Joomla templates :)

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