The Joomla 1.5 Back-End: For Beginners Part 1

Date: February 7, 2012 |admin | Joomla

A general overview of the back-end, or control panel, for someone with a Joomla site that wish to make changes to it. Part I takes us through the main control panel page.



Date: December 19, 2009 |

Glad to hear that I am not the only one who struggles with spelling.


Date: December 27, 2009 |

omfg , after 50 sec i was snooring


Date: December 31, 2009 |

Really great tutorial – thanks.
I’m about to start building a website, and debating on using Joomla. I’m still torn, but seeing this helped me a lot.


Date: February 8, 2010 |

HaHa…cool intro


Date: March 1, 2010 |

Best tutorial ever! Continue the good job, very well explained. Thanks:>)


Date: March 2, 2010 |

Great! Keep ut the good work kenpond


Date: September 20, 2010 |

How do I log-in to the back-end of a site without taking down the current clients site which is being hosted elsewhere? Can I start to build the site under a different domain name and then switch the correct one once the sites finished?


Date: October 12, 2010 |

Ken, I have just started looking at joomla, can you tell me have you any useful links as far as tools available for joomla templates? I did try artisteer but unable to purchase full version as academic version does not have facility for joomla? thanks


Date: October 27, 2010 |

Thanks Ken. Just started using Joomla and have a lot to learn. I like slow, easy going style of explaining things. :)


Date: December 25, 2010 |

Thanks a lot. This is already leaps and BOUNDS easier than DRUPAL! Thanks!


Date: January 27, 2011 |

Thanks. I was stumbling around with, wordpress and many others… But I think Joomla might be interesting as well…


Date: February 28, 2011 |

great tutorial. the best I have seen yet on Joomla. Very systematic and comprehensive. I look forward to the next, more in depth tutorial. Great job Ken!


Date: May 5, 2011 |

I’m a terrible speller. lol
thanks man. good vid!
shared on FB


Date: June 20, 2011 |

Excellent, detailed just what i needed
thank you


Date: July 8, 2011 |

This is a great vid. Just starting out and I learn so much better by seeing rather than solely reading.  Thanks so much!


Date: July 12, 2011 |

excellent video! also, your intro is the greatest thing i have ever seen!


Date: August 2, 2011 |

I have watched this three times now. Thanks Ken! GREAT STUFF!


Date: August 5, 2011 |

Great video man, Thank you a million…


Date: October 12, 2011 |



Date: January 24, 2012 |

what is password to log in ????? :O

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