Skyrim Real3D – NVIDIA 3DVISION yt3d:enable=true (Workaround for the HTML5 3D unavailable Bug)

Date: December 28, 2011 |admin | Web Development

My Workaround for the “HTML5 3D unavailable” Bug. Download “Video Download Helper” for Firefox. Install and goto yt3d Youtube Page of your Choice that dont work. Theres a small Icon of 3 rotating Balls on the left Side near the Firefox-Browser-Bar. Klick it..look for the best Resolution of the Video and in the Popup select – COPY ADRESS (Url). Put the URL in your “NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player” and stream the Videos instead of playing on Youtube. Works very well ! Works very well in NVIDIA Player FULLSCREEN Mode. Leave a Comment.. Cya Socke



Date: December 28, 2011 |

There will be Problems with HTML5 Player and 3DVision in Firefox. And no Solution yet..F*CK !

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