Classic Game Room HD – OUT RUN for Sega Master System

Classic Game Room HD reviews OUT RUN for the Sega Master System! Out Run by Yu Suzuki is one of the most famous and entertaining video games ever made. This driving game is the best (in our opinion) arcade style racing game ever created. You drive a Ferrari Testarossa through a variety of exotic levels through traffic to get the best time. So simple yet so thoroughly exciting and with high replay value. The Sega Power Base Converter was used to play OUTRUN through a Sega Genesis video game console. This cartridge is for the Sega Master System game system and is easy to find today and affordable to play. How does Out Run compare to other driving games like Test Drive Unlimited, Burnout Paradise, Forza 2 or Gran Turismo? Check it out and find out. Sega was the master of arcade video games for many years and Out Run may have been the best of the best. Superb gaming for retro gamers right here, OUTRUN! Classic Game Room reviews the best video games from yesterday to today. CGR also reviews video game hardware, joysticks, controllers and accessories because we’re so dope.


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