Compare Joomla and WordPress (The story of Steve)

I talked with Steve today who was struggling with a Joomla template and trying to understand the hierachy of categories and how articles related to the strucuture. I told him to ditch Joomla and give WordPress a spin!


  • From a users perspective, I think wordpress vs. joomla is like a pot of gold vs. a pot of acid. lol

    WordPress can power all of a website, with its back-end in PHP/MySQL, it even powers some corporate websites.

    Drupal is used for Mozilla, I’d go for that over Joomla (but it’s very developer heavy).

    If he needs advanced functionality, wordpress plug-ins can be installed painlessly. He’ll also have a very easy time finding a designer/developer for the platform. 😉

  • I’ve been trying to find out what the difference between the two was, I’m no developer etc. But our website is built on Joomla, we got rid of the person who was running our site and really trying to find someone who has more knowledge about how and what we should do. I was trying to get basic knowledge about WordPress to compare the difference between the 2. It’s like we are still in the same sinking ship, well me. I still need to know about WordPress to deal with the new person W R trying out N

  • Thanks for this vid. i got into web design 2 months ago and was trying to figure out which platform to use.. started out with joomla but it just wasn’t cutting it so I gave wordpress a shot. It’s an awesome and simple platform to use. Just need to learn photoshop cs 5 and maybe drupal now before I can think about building sites for future clients.

  • I to think that wordpress is better that joomla. I offer website hosting at jaholee(dot)com and most of my coustomers have me install wordpress more than joomla. I offer website or blog hosing for 47 the first year and 20 for the next. What I offer is a choice on the install . WordPress or Joomla, with wordpress I will install all the latest plugins like SEO for your blog using xml sitemap. As soon as you start your wordpress blog, it will automaticly tell googles robot right away. Jaholee101@Y

  • WOW i searched everywhere for someone to clear this up for me and THANK YOU for the advice. I am definitely going with WP.

  • I agree with you every step of the way. I’m a ui designer/app developer and I left Joomla alone a long time ago. It’s cumbersome, overly complicated, and not easy for clients to learn.

    Chris Coyier wrote a book called “digging into WP” and it highlights everything good about the platform.

    If he wants a website built in it, I can do that for him (or refer him to Amber Weinberg who is a superstar WP developer, depending on how complex his needs).

    My e-mail:

    Great video

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