• Good stuff about Title Tags. Easy to follow and use. Thanks.

    Random questions – What screen capture tool do you use to do your tutorials? thanks.

  • Same question here – what about the keywords, I see so much emphasis on selecting the right keywords for a page, or in our case our category page or product (detail)page. Would it not be the right procedure to first select the right keywords for a certain category, keywords that you feel must be in the metadescription and perhaps the most important keyword in the title tag – and based on what you actually want to convey to the SE. Write that down in the metadescription based on those keywords.

  • google dosent use the keyword meta tag. they look at your content for keywords instead. that meta tag is virtually useless now.

  • Great info, thanks. One comment… the video quality is usually not good enough to be able to clearly read the text, so in this video it would be useful if you spoke out the titles clearly.

  • Great video on SEO! We just added one ourselves “Learn About Online Marketing, Blogs, Link Building, SEO Submission & Building Website Traffic”

  • Thank you so much dude. I just published my first page 4 days ago. I’m such a newbie haha. I’m learning a lot though. someone said just do it and you’ll learn and they’re right.

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