• LOL! Yes, this is the infamous lamp, but not the video where it’s actually attacking my head. I think it’s my “6 Figure Income” video.

  • I just came across your vids. I love them! They are really helpful!
    I am a 17 year old from WA and recently got into blogging in the politics, education, humanities niche. All of them I am interested in and passionate about.
    I am not doing it for money yet though, just having fun with it as I am focusing on my high school grades 🙂

    Thanks for the vids though!

  • h ilisa. I installed wordpress to my site but is that sitemap pugin installed as well? or do i have to go install that separately? sorry for too much questions thanks again

  • On your word Lisa I just signed up with WordPress…. I already see the many options available on wordpress.

    Thanks for the info Lisa.

  • I really enjoyed your video. I recently made the change from blogging on my iWeb created website to exclusively wordpress. Thanks again for a great video!


  • I got instant traffic with my WordPress blog… literally the next day. I installed the All In One SEO Plugin and on day 2 my site was getting found for various keywords. But some people do believe Google favors Blogger. Makes sense since they own it. 🙂

  • Yes it’s one of the hosts I use. In fact I just signed up to their dedicated hosting plan yesterday. I need it because my traffic is getting too large for the cheap/shared hosts.

  • I have tried WordPress several times but I do not like it.On wordpress you cannot cange the layout such as page background color unless you upgrade(pay for this) Also it is too complicated to use. I host on Blogger,where I can change the templates and pages to colors I want,mine are pink and lemon.Also I have a custom domain that blogger hosts and sets up for me.Some thing WordPress does not do,you have to map it yourselfe.Too much of a hassle.Andrea

  • @andrea22borman It does not cost anything to change your WordPress theme. It’s free if you understand CSS. Blogger is fine for newbies but WordPress lets you do way more cool things if you take the time to learn the CSS. I’m not sure why you thought it cost money.

  • I agree that WordPress blogs look more professional than Blogger blogs, but Blogger is catching up. They have a heck load of widgets that you can add to your blog, and their new design tools are really quite cool looking too.

    It’s still a way away, but it’s definitely getting there.

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