Creating a WordPress Theme

What goes into Creating a WordPress Theme? After making a WordPress Blog you want to know how to create a WordPress Theme. You’ll find out in this video tutorial. I’ll also show you how to: Set up a Blank Theme Place a Search Form Where you Want Create a WordPress 3.0 Horizontal Menu Place a Featured Banner Where you Want Create 2 Sidebars Display Recent Posts with Excerpts Pull Articles from RSS Feeds Dynamically Create Subscription Links to your Feed, Twitter and Facebook Set up a Dynamic Footer Code is Here:


  • @WollieX3 You’re welcome. I’ll upload the second part tomorrow that fixes all of the CSS errors. The code on my website already contains all of the fixes for tomorrow’s video

  • @WollieX3 Yes delete it and change the margin for the mainContent div. That’s it. I did my best to make this theme easy to customize. I’ll add more features in the next theme like more widgetized areas

  • @derekbanas Ok. Alright… Because Im trying to code something like this for wordpress ” cena online dot org! ”

  • @WollieX3 You should definitely use WordPress for your site. Google loves wordpress sites. After I get the styling tutorial up tomorrow you’ll be able to make fancy new menus and hopefully understand how to better style a site using css

  • Thanks Derek. Your tutorials are so thorough and helpful. I have seen tutorials that you have to pay for and books that do not come close to this. Thanks for the generosity of your time and sharing your knowledge.

  • @derekbanas Yeah.. There’s just one more question… So for the sidebars if I only wan’t one … Do i delete the get_sidebar thing at the bottom or what?

  • @WollieX3 Yes you would need to delete that as well. Actually if you just deleted that and changed the margin on mainContent you’d get the layout you’re looking for

  • @derekbanas Can You Take A Look At This Portfolio. People design layouts like this for money but I wanna do this my self and I don’t know how. Please take a look –> ” pinkchaos . org / folio/ displayimage.php?album=27&pid=276#top_display_media ” Just delete the spaces. Thank You.

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