Custom Youtube Player for WordPress

Demo of Custom Youtube Player: There are many reasons we need a custom Youtube player such as internet marketing, SEO or even just to make our site unique. However, Youtube lets us to host our video files for free, it does not offer to much to options to customize our video player. This WordPress Youtube player plugin lets us to create special skins and you can even add many options that will help to get more traffic. As you can see above, it lets to add buttons such Twitter, Facebook etc which helps to get more traffic whenever a visitor shares the video. In my point of view this custom Youtube player for WordPress is a very powerful tool for internet marketing since it comes with powerful options that encourage to get more sales. Demo here: Some benefits of this WordPress Youtube Player Plugin – Customizing Your Videos With Stunning Video Skins – Video Skins Resize Around Your Videos – Turn Your Youtube & Flash Videos Into Powerful Presentations – Creating Search engine optimized videos – 20 Custom Premium Video Skins – Amazons3 Direct Linking – Generate Code to put on any html site – FLV, H.264 and MP4 formats support – Support for any iframe or embed code – iPhone and iPad compatible, HTML5 and much more. As you can see this WordPress custom Youtube player plugin offers really powerful options to that cannot be found in any WordPress video player plugin. More info about Custom Youtube Player Plugin here:

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