• @MightyCydoniac It is not expensive for what it does…And if you haven’t tried it then how would you know?

  • Seriously…you are not forced to buy this software..But when you start getting into making websites it can be very handy…I make sales and squeeze pages with this program…Its a no-brainer..

  • the ones that are making the hateful comments towards this lady needs to get a life or at less be respectful for god sake 99% of the people on youtube are
    immature adults/kids that likes to troll everyone

    and i’m probably going to get a troll commenting on what i stated and also nice tutorial keep up the good work =)

  • @DS1991runescapevids thanks for the nice comment…And I do get a bit sick of stupid comments but I think these people just want ATTENTION! LOL

  • Thanks nice simple tutorial…Don’t take the idiots comments too personally… they’re usually disassociated teenagers with nothing better to do and have VERY low intelligence.

  • @Computerbasics no, they’re just trolling

    This video is good for people without much tech savvy. most the people trolling are not in that category n they don’t see it from that perspective. Most people take for granted what is common these days, where 10-15 years ago this stuff was all cutting edge. lol

    I didn’t know you could straight up make a WP template with artisteer. It looks like a microsoft program tho, so now I know I’ll never ever use it.

    btw its joomla, not jumala

    good job tho

  • Thank You!…for this video – I have Artiseer but I haven’t really used it. Now I’m going to give it a try.

  • Thanks for the quick lesson. And you don’t sound like someone who knows it all. Haha! I like that you sound very pleasant. 🙂

  • @Computerbasics Hi Mitz, well i am so not a computer person. But you are by far the first person that actually explains things step by step on your videos. Maybe I haven’t navigate the inter that much but I think I’ll stick with you. You sound like some one I can defenetly trust and that can guide me all the way. I have tried everything you’ve said to do but no luck.There is something wrong with my cpanel. I hope BrainHost fixes it fast. Thank you so much don’t stop making videos please.

  • I’m sorry, but your are not ” designing ” or ” creating ” anything, you just click on some buttons of a program where creativity is not involved….

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