DIY Packaging Tips for Handmade Jewelry

This video is about some creative ways to package your handmade jewelry whether you sell online at Etsy, eCrater, etc. or sell from a shop or craft show. It’s an easy way to show your customers how much you care about your products and business. For more ideas please check out If you are interested in learning more about Noadi’s Art please visit my website at or my stores at http & Music is Tolkien by the Brobignagian Bards from http


  • I agree that packaging is important, but sewing your own bags, etc. will eat into your time for creating your product. Be careful here.

  • Not really. I’ve been sewing for many years, so I know what goes into making 1 bag, let alone several. Making 1 bag doesn’t just take a few seconds, and several bags will take up a lot of your time. And, don’t forget -you’re also spending money for gas to drive to the fabric store, wear and tear on your car, and again, your valuable time driving/shopping, that you could be using to make your product. It makes better business sense to buy your bags wholesale or even retail.

  • Great Job! I wanted to ask you where you sell your jewelry? I recently started selling my jewelry full time, I have tried fleamarket, family gatherings and neighborhoods. Any suggestions?

  • you should really consider re_recording this video and lowering the volume of the background music, it drowns out your voice making it difficult to hear you. Other than that , very informative thanks!

  • thanks a bunch…….but the earrings i make a super long “feathers;leather” do you have any advice for something that long i’m new to this…….i need all the help i can receive 😉 thanx hope to hear from you….. you give awesome advice….

  • For really long earrings you could get some card stock and poke a couple holes in a piece or those little plastic earring cards to put your earrings on so they don’t tangle up. Then I’d put them in zip top bags with a label like I show in the video but in a larger size, say 3×5 inches. Hope that helps.

  • hey this is a great video .. i was wondering if you would be willing to do a tutorial on how you made the cardstock boxes?

  • @AshrealeLashae I stopped making my own boxes and I don’t know if I even still have the templates for them. However there are a ton of websites online for how to make boxes, google “printable box templates” and you’ll pull up quite a few.

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