DropShip Online Store

DropShipping Online Store has become a massive trend in the USA, but with the credit crunch hitting many people and businesses, acting as a drop ship company is fast becoming a profitable way to keep ahead of the buying trends of online shoppers on e-commerce stores. Make money from home in your spare time, contact www.NetTrade-Price.com for more information.


  • Wow, these guy’s fees are shocking! (and some of the testimonials seem to be written by the guy running the company – check the email addresses at the golf & bike stores!).


  • I’ve got a online store with these guys, and and the amount of support i’ve had on making it a success is brilliant. If your new to selling online, and not sure how it’s going to benefit you, then i would recommend contacting these guys, as i can’t complain with the amount of help they have provided. What’s it going to cost… other than a phone call?

  • its sounds alll very good great videos great site but ausual it doesnt click theres always a catch, im affraid that the best way to make money in this world is todo it all urself thats the best lesson uill ever learn hahaah

  • its all about doing it yourself, learn from the start like i did cut costs these boys are just anouther middle man.

  • Question: Why are these guys earning their money selling drop-shipping to people, rather than doing the drop-shipping or whole-sailing themselves?

    Same with website designers. They charge businesses 1000$+ for an e-commerce site, yet don’t have e-commerce sites themselves?

    Same with SEO companies. Why not do wholesale yourself, and use your SEO skills to get to the no1 spot on Google?

    The richest people online are the ones selling the pdf telling others how to get rich. Who walks the walk?

  • @dmana3172 ive tried chinavasion, too much competition selling their products, its good products though hahah, thanks for helping btw ^^

  • we can honestly tell you are fake or work for them. you never get into drop shipping it is plain old simple.
    1 you are competing agains other people selling the same stuff for the SAME STUFF!!!!!
    2 fees!
    U wont make money!!!

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  • foundub 4 you obviously work for them because it cost more than just a phone call. You pay a fee to join and then you pay a monthly subscription and then the company would also sell there products on ebay or amazon and undercut you so badly it feels like you’ve been right royally rogered. Be smart and most of all be careful.

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