eBay MoneyMakers: The O’Brien family makes money online in the midst of economic difficulties

The eBay MoneyMakers series profiles real families who have turned to eBay to keep their financial lives on track during tough economic times. These stories, told by the families themselves, show how they were able to make real money online, in a legitimate setting that brought real income to their families. The O’Briens of Westfield, Ind., relocated for a job that was eliminated soon after the move. With a new baby on the way, the one-income family needed to generate cash quickly. The O’Brien’s turned to eBay first as a place to sell unused household items and then incorporated clearance and vintage items as their selling proficiency increased. The family now makes extensive use of the eBay mobile app to check potential selling prices on eBay and even list some of their items. Tristen O’Brien is now employed, but the family continues to sell on eBay to fund their wish list, including an upcoming trip to Disney World. Take a look at all of the great stories in the eBay MoneyMakers series. Learn how you can use eBay to drive extra income and have some fun in the process.

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