Encog 3D Neural Pilot vs. Human with HTML5 and WebGL via X3DOM

This is a demo for a prototypical distributed cloud computing architecture using the Encog Neural Network Framework from Jeff Heaton, HTML5, jQuery, Apache Tomcat, WebGL via X3DOM. As result no browser plugins are needed to run this interactive 3D Internet application. A human player (which was me) played against the unsupervised trained neural net which uses as backend the lunar lander sample network from Jeff Heaton’s Book on Encog. Part of the presentation: “The Megatrend after cloud computing – how to survive the organic computing age” shown on November 15th 2011 at the DOAG Conference www.doag.org , Nuremberg, and on November 22nd 2011 at the www.CloudConf.de in Munich, Germany. Provided by Skilltower Institute Labs www.skilltower.de

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