Ericom AccessNow – HTML5 RDP Client

Ericom AccessNow™ – HTML5 RDP client – allows you to quickly and easily connect to Windows applications and virtual desktops, from any device that has an HTML5 compatible web browser. Ericom AccessNow runs wholly inside the browser, does not install anything on the client device, and looks, works and performs like, and even better than, the regular (native) RDP client. It’s so simple! All you need is an HTML5 compatible web browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (with Chrome Frame plug-in), Firefox, and any other browser with HTML5 and WebSockets support.


  • What about performance? Can I use this to run CPU/GPU intensive applications like Photoshop or After Effects? What about gaming? (OnLive does something like this for gaming and it’s GREAT!). Can I expect similar performance from your application?

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