Google Analytics for WordPress

This video shows you why you should install the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin instead of just embedding the Google Analytics tracking code straight into your blog. It shows you how it uses WordPress functionality to save all sorts of post meta data in custom variables and events, and where to find these custom variables and events in Google Analytics.


  • Hi friend.

    I wonder what program do you use to make the presentation of your video.
    That where it appears that graphics and everything. I found it very interesting. I’m tired of searching and not find a software that allows me to do that.
    If I could indicate very grateful indeed.

    Kind regards, Ricardo Silva

  • @jdevalk hi again.

    I used camtasia studio for windows.

    But my question is what the program you use to do the intro. Sorry if my last comment don’t gave to be explicit.

    Kind regards, Ricardo Silva

  • Thanks for posting the video. In the future please try not to breath into the mic so much. I could hardly hear what you were actually saying because of this.

  • This looks like a great plugin. I have analytics on my main site (not a wordpress site) and then I put that same code into the header on the portion of my site /blog that is the wordpress portion of my site. Analytics seems to be tracking them as if they are separate sites. Will installing and configuring the plugin eliminate this problem? It sounds like it would, but I’m not technical enough to know if that’s correct.

  • The video starts out with “Google Analytics” listed under settings. How do you get it there in the first place?

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