• Does Target use Commerce Search? Searched for floor lamps tonight on their site and the results looked very much like those depicted in this video. Good job.

  • What software was used to create the screen cast tutorial? I love the way it zooms in on each section as it is explained. Tnx!

  • The main difference is: 1 google commerce gives you a unique url so you only search your own products (like a hosted ecom site) and also google commerce costs at least $50,000 a year.

  • Why would retail stores need to know “user behavior”? To make users better candidates for certain advertisement???

    Other than that – very good technology… My only question is – what would happened if all computers died due to not having electricity to operate ??? Whole world would probably be in the middle of WW 3

  • Voice-over has all the enthusiasm of a disinterested senior announcing concert items. Great script, great graphics. With regard to price, Google say: “The pricing model for Google Commerce Search is based on the number of products/items (SKUs) in your data feed and the number of search queries entered on your site each year.”

    Trying to estimate the real cost of Google Commerce will probably be as elusive as trying to estimate the real cost of PPC.

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  • Was googling around for commerce search and saw an ad for ignite commerce. They have enterprise search as well, plus the whole storefront if a somebody wants it. I’m evaluating to use the entire storefront or go with their search. I think it will be at least half the price of google.

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