Google I/O 2011: GWT + HTML5: A web developers dream!

John Labanca How can you take advantage of new HTML5 features in your GWT applications? In this session, we answer that question in the form of demos — lots and lots of demos. We’ll cover examples of how to use Canvas (for visualizations), drag and drop, CSS3 features, and more within your GWT applications.


  • In my opinion, I think all browsers should at least support MP3 and WAV, because everybody uses it and 99.99% of the users has a media player installed (if they want to download the audio-file) that supports playing the file.

  • You describe drag and drop support in GWT starting in GWT 2.3, however I’ve not been able to find any documentation for this online. I don’t even see and Drag/Drop related classes in the downloadable version of 2.4. Where can I read more about this functionality?

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