• @4hodmt Ignorance does make you normal. I’m not going to do your work for you, but you can make yourself believe anything you want to.

    Anyway, we’re done.

  • @4hodmt Regardless of whether it can run 60fps or 120fps I wouldn’t care, 60fps is smooth enough, I’m even happy with 35 in games

  • THis sort of boring ugly slideshow is ment for slow people, who don’t know any better.

    I am guessing even people in developing countries would be offended by this.

  • @KenanVideos

    Real easy to play. The point is not in gameplay or game design. I’ve seen games back long time ago written for ascii consoles that did not have any graphics. I will tell you my expectations then were on par with experience.

    Today I’m expecting what Adobe’s “Molehill” going to deliver next year. No less.

    Canvas and WebGL I will leave to the crowd of salesmen and their stupid banners, which I’ll have to filter out somehow.

  • Holy moley, Quake II in browser? I love how older games like the original Quake can be in smaller embedded devices the same strength as the PCs to play them. Kind of interesting that id allows this, but it is a really awesome thing to experiment with.

  • Yes, but this just the demo run for Q2. When quake loads, it runs this scripted level.

    ie: here are some mobile phones doing the same “demo run”:

    This “in browser” thing doesn’t show me that the character is being actually controlled by the user. There is no real-time game iteration.
    I’m sure Google have the same running somewhere, but if its been transcoded and streamed 10 seconds later, who knows?

    I would like to test this for real. Link?

  • mmmm Interesting. Cutting edge technology capable of emulating the capabilities of a 13 years old game…

    I guess by 2023 we’ll be able to play CoD Black Ops…

  • @jurrabi You can play Black Ops now, who cares if its in a browser… You still have to download the 7.6GB File in order to play…

  • I don’t understand why it says “up to 60 FPS” when showing incredibly choppy footage. Maybe it was the screen capture program?

  • @ubuntututorials You’re dumb. It’s not the IE that breaks everything, its the other browsers that fucking suck.

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