Hardware accelerated HTML5 Web browser comparison (Opera, IE9, Firefox 4 and Chrome)

Opera now has hardware acceleration! We pit it against other Web browsers, including Firefox 4, IE9 and Chrome 10, all of which also have hardware acceleration. Opera does surprisingly well… More at: downloadsquad.switched.com If you want to try the FishIE test yourself: ie.microsoft.com (There’s some odd flickering in the second half of the video. Fraps is throwing in a few frames from my second display, for some reason. We hope it doesn’t cause any seizures.)


  • Mysteriously, Firefox is running the test extremely well when you are in Full Screen mode… 60 FPS steadily… But if you aren’t in full screen, seems there is a small problem… I’m pretty sure they will fix it.

    IE 9 has certainly the best by far, native HA implementation.

  • Also, about Spead Reading test, FF gives me 15 Secs while IE x64 around 6-7 secs!

    FF have had problem on that test long time ago… Not anymore.

  • Opera? Pass. Tried it for a day or two and saw how bad it was with bank websites and the like and haven’t been back. If I can’t have Chrome I’ll use Safari. IE is out of the question and I was never a Firefox fan even with some of the stuff Aza Raskin has done….

  • You should not run all 4 browsers in the same time. THey are competing for a single resource, and graphics card will switch between them. Much better results will be achieved when running each browser separately.

  • Yeah that’s impressive for Opera. However, Opera needs to do something with compatibility issues (especially with Facebook). For every new build Opera will have issues with Facebook and that’s annoying as hell! I want to move away from it though, but it got me hooked with mouse gesture, speed dial, and M2. 🙁

  • I’ve been learning HTML 5 by creating a particle system. It didn’t took long for me to realize that Firefox is extremely slow. Unfortunately, because of the hardware acceleration the differences between school and my home are extremely big. My pc can get up to 6000 particles and run pretty smooth (with GTX 480) and on school it goes slow @ 200 particles (onboard chipset). When I use firefox at school, it lags at 50 particles… I expected more of firefox 🙁
    *Sets opera to default browser*

  • Opera’s been my favourite browser since a long time but to play games on Facebook, i’ve to switch to other browsers! Our slowest pal in this video… ahem ahem… Firefox handles facebook games way better than Opera.
    Still ‘hoping’ if Opera could do something about this issue 🙁

  • @beardymonger webGL? LOL. If games were made in webGL we would be gaming on Linux. MS killed webGL with DirectX…Google isn’t going to change that.

  • @jokingrofl operas gpu accelaration runs perfectly fine on my intel gma but IE 9 crashes and slows done all the time….

  • A 60 fps cap? Why not let the browser render up to 120fps? These new “3d ready” monitors that can run the windows desktop at 120hz is getting rave reviews all over over how smooth the desktop is. 3D games also look much more solid. If the browser have the ability to render at 120fps on an 120hz monitor, 24fps movies do not need frame interpolation to look smooth since 120/24=5.

  • what a shitty test
    watch benchmarks and you will see that chrome is the best.

    it’s IE FISH TANK off course it wil run the best on internet explorer.


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