• @wilfeatscheese me, but hey were still at least one year out, the w3c (the organisation in charge of HTML) has even come out to say that html5 is not at all ready for man stream

  • I look forward to the demise of proprietary plug-ins, particularly such buggy and CPU and battery sucking ones as Flash.

    And it looks like over 50% of Web video is now available in HTML5.

    Google: “The Rise of HTML5 Video on the Web”

    Even Adobe is getting into making HTML5 creation tools

    Google: “Adobe ‘Edge’ — Prototype Tool for Creating HTML5 Animations”

    iOS market share in Starbucks=dumping Flash in favor of HTML5
    Google: “Why iOS Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to the Open Web”

  • @wilfeatscheese i just automatically got switched over to youtube html5 beta, worst 10 seconds on youtube ever! then i just switched back to flash.

  • i am sorry but html5 felt like i was transported back to that shitty time of windows media player playing in the browser completely stupid.

  • @ClareAer that’s because youtube needs time to convert all the videos to HTML5 compatible video container and codec :)… patience

  • flash having a high version number does not mean it “is pretty advanced”. but i see that clueless people think that way. maybe that is because mozilla announced to release versions 4 to 7 all in 2011.

  • @123Fusselbirne sure, but it also means its getting rapid development. like google chrome jumping from version 6 to 11 in a year, but sadly flash development has slowed down allot in past years

  • /watch?v=tgwi0lWgX8w
    Coming anytime soon in HTML5?

    Sure we dont have to use flash to play videos anymore but is that all we want to do?

  • @utakeit7564
    i know that’s why i said that i like the idea but that they should improve the interface or let it be the same one as the original youtube interface! I don’t really care but it would be better if they had a better interface since i know HTML5 is fast but I don’t really want to use it because the interface just sucks.

  • Just updated to Firefox 4 and youtube works so much faster with html5!! I’m finally 100% adobe free, thank god.

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