HonLam, Illustrator & T-shirt Designer

The works of Hon Lam aka Flying Mouse are consistently blessed with great ideas that dance flamboyantly between hilarious criticism of pop culture and elegant surrealism. Getting a commission to design a T-shirt for Threadless, a popular US based online store, is something designers shout about. Hon Lam has 20 designs published by Threadless and won three prizes at Threadless’ annual Bestee Awards for Most Printed Designer 2007, Newcomer of the Year 2007 and also for Best Concept For A Design 2007. Currently, Hon Lam is committed to a personal project called FM365, which requires him to produce one design a day for a year, with hopes that each design will eventually be turned into a T-shirt. Hon Lam has also launched his online store to get the Flying Mouse name out there as a reputable brand and designer. The annual Martell Rising Personalities Awards 2009 recognizes up-and-coming individuals who rise above the competition and have great potential to reach greater heights. Returning for its third year, the Martell Rising Personalities Awards 2009 features 10 rising stars from various fields www.wolfangdigital.com WOLFANG DIGITAL Creative, effective corporate videos are made here. We are an international video production studio with 10 years of experience. WolFang Digital is also engaged in offering effective and affordable videography and video editing training at novice, intermediate and professional levels Call us and see how we can improve your business. WolFang


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