How I made $5000 selling my art/photography how to online Here are 5 ways you can make money online with your art or photography. Selling your art on the internet is a great way to keep your budgets low and get yourself noticed. Look at this scenario. I want to sell a piece of art for 0 so I take it to an art gallery. They usually take 50% of your profits for selling it in there gallery. If you sell that same piece online for 0 your customer saves 0 and you gain an extra 0. And you won’t be cash negative by having to buy the art upfront and wait for someone to buy it. If you sell it online you print it once you have someone who bought it and boom free money. Here is a list of the websites I was showing you in the video for an example of what I have set up to sell my art. 2.http Tags:00, how to make 00,make money online,how to make money with art, make money with art, how to sell art online, how to sell art, how to sell photography, make money fast, make money, make money with art, make money selling art, sell art, buy art, sell prints, sell posters, sell photographs,how to make money, how to make money from home, make money at home, how to make money with painting, how to make money with photography, how to make money with fineartamerica, review, how to make money on ebay, how to make money on zazzle, how to make money on facebook, how to make money selling your art


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  • Register as a photographer @ [GraceStock. com] and get 90% of each sale… that’s pretty sweet! (Considering registration is instant, and you can upload straight away, plus you can get paid straight into PayPal!)

  • Thanks for this intro, Brad. Just a quick question: assuming a good quality file, how do you know that the print(s) a customer gets from FAA actually meet *your* quality standards? Their money-back policy is fine, but I’m still curious about this. Also, is the artist at least *advised* when/if someone requests a refund? Thanks in advance, Brad.

  • Brad – this is cool – I’m a ceramic artist and need to figure out how to sell – your ideas are VERY helpful. Thanks. June

  • Brad — this is cool — I’m a ceramic artist and need to figure out how to sell — your ideas are VERY helpful. Thanks. June

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  • im confused, if your selling drawn or painted art, what do you actually do with it. I may be blind or missed something but im confused sorry.

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  • Hey good morning my name is Luke from Trinidad and Tobago and i like your style and the great advice u give on how to sell your art and design work. Keep up the great work. I will be working on some projects soon where i will be documenting my Art and design work, then take them to the next level while i’m still Studying my BA’ degree in Visual Arts.

  • Oh wow that sucks money back but do you get charge backs?? how does that work for you do they go up on your rates. EBAY has so much art on there.. seems like its hard to get a good price for the artist but to buy its kool

  • wow thanks for the info bro! that is very very interesting. Also great to hear from your perspective. I think its cool because people go there FOR unique art. that tiger photo is kick ass that you did. wow very creative

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  • Brad… You are awesome….Thank you for sharing an excellent video with workable ideas. My neighbor is a good photographer who doesn’t know what to do with her talent. I’ll pass it on…

  • Hey, thanx for the great video, I’m just thinking of doing something with my photography and was feeling a little lost with all the stuff out there, this video gives encouragement and who knows, maybe one day, my stuff pays off as well 🙂 cheers

  • Hi

    I am a 14 year old relatively good photographer would it be possible to set up an account and sell some of my photos but would I have to be avaible all the time to respond to e-mails?


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