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OSGUI Tim gives a talk for the MLUG Melbourne Linux Users Group about how I got into Linux & started making a website and YouTube videos, how I run the website with Joomla Open Source Tools and how I record Screencasts with recordmydesktop or recorditnow ffmpeg Ubuntu Linux tools and How I Edit Videos in Linux with Kdenlive. More info: Thanks to the guys in MLUG for helping with filming and hosting the event. Here is the text from the presentation which was on the projector Linux Video Production & Joomla Site creation & OSGUI Tech Show How I run OSGUI Linux Video Production & Joomla Site creation ● Ubuntu Linux OS ● GtkRecordMyDesktop & ● RecordItNow Screencasting tools ● Kdenlive Video Editor ● Joomla CMS ● Business Partnerships ● YouTube, Google, Blip ● Studio Equipment ● Ubuntu Linux OS I Started with Linux in 2001 Red Hat & Mandrake was my first distro I tried which turned me off it for awhile until I found Lycoris in 2003 then Xandros in 2004 and then Ubuntu in 2005 OSGUI Tech Show run using 64bit versions of Ubuntu Linux from 9.04 through to 10.10 2x AMD Quad Core PC’s & AMD Dual Core Laptop & EeePC Screencasting I started with GtkRecordMyDesktop I now use RecordItNow a KDE GUI for FFMpeg Other Screencasting tools used for Windows like CamStudio Mplayer used to show Webcam in Screencasts Logitech Cam viewer used in Windows Very Good Mic & Webcam & VGA & CPU & RAM needed to do this decently Video Editing in Linux Kdenlive


  • @OSGUIShow Eh? It actually worked somehow. Thanks for the link in the message. I was trying over and over again but I got it to work normally (for registering). yay 🙂

  • just wondering?
    how many people do u know who are very good t computers and linux, that are under 18? i ask because i know a lot more than most adults do, and im 16

  • @MetalxShredder600 only people on youtube
    no one in real life under 18 that i know of uses linux in my circle of people i have meet throughout my life

  • @MetalxShredder600 I think I feel the same way as you do. You’ll likely not find a person your age and in your area that is adept with Linux, and as is the case with me. I’m 16 years old as well, and the closest I’ve gotten to that is a 17-year old that has tried Ubuntu in a virtual machine software. =/

  • by any chance, do u still have ur Manhhaten OS .iso iamge file.
    if u do, can u give me a copy, im trying to get it cuz its not avaliable anymore.
    if not, could u tell me who might still have it

  • @OSGUIShow
    when I was a teenager )under 18) around 17 i checked it out on a video on the internet but never got into it until a year ago and im like 22 now lol

  • well the reason i waited until 20 was becuase when i was 17 youtube wasnt around and there were only like 10second clips of ubuntu (wich wasn’t enough to convince me but it turned me on to it but i had no clue how to use install uninstall etc)… when youtube came into the picture with hundreds of “ubuntu how to’s” then everything changed. Linux Mint got so much praise on YT that i googled around and DL’ed it from the site then i jumped to ubuntu cudnt be happier. Great OS! Virus free. 🙂

  • Too many words in each slide. Instead of “YouTube Partner — requires full time commitment of over 9 months to get needed over 100,000 video views & 1,000 Subscribers”

    just do “YouTube Partner” and explain the rest. “Audio Waveform” not “Audio Waveform needed to help with cutting out bloopers to keep video professional”

    “I started with GtkRecordMyDesktop ”

    “GtkRecordMyDesktop” would’ve been better.

  • @OSGUIShow
    yeah whats ironic and funny was i thaught ubuntu was some sort of OS you pay for like windows or mac… what really turned me onto it since day 1 was the compiz fusion effects like the multicolored looking fire when you close a windows or something. thats what made me say wow. O.o i thuaght it looked better than windows XP and everything. I even visited the website but never bothered with it becuase i figgured my old Laptop wouldn’t run it as XP was some what choppy on it.

  • @AWESOMENESSVane Kdenlive
    I showed in this video a bit … but also made a few other Kdenlive Tutorials in the past that you should check out

  • Another great video. I think that one thing that I have taken from this video (and from your other videos) is that you don’t have to be a wizz programmer to contribute to the open source effort. Just being a part of the movement, and helping others learn is just as useful! Thanks!

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