How to add audio to your wordpress blog – This video takes you through how easy it is to add an audio to your wordpress blog and I hope you find it easy to follow and useful. Audios are a great alternative to text and it doesn’t take much to record one, upload it to your hosting and then get the audio to play on your wordpress blog.


  • You have to add the podcasting plugin – I cover plugins in another video. Do a search for PODPRESS and install that then you will be able to add audio

  • I tried to follow your training vid on how to upload an audio fille to wordpress… but its the stage before I need to get clear about.. how exactly do I upload an MP3 file online and generate a link for it? I know that’s probably really basic, but I’ve never done it…
    By the way, a random coincidence (if there is such a thing)….
    I recognized your surname.. I am friends with your cousin Eustace.
    Small world, eh?

  • @badmartianshrew @badmartianshrew Hi Adam. You know someone I don’t because we have never met – have connected on Facebook though! You need to upload your audio file to your hosting account. I have a video on downloading filezilla. You use that software to get your audio up to your hosting. Look through my videos and you will see it. It shows you how to upload things to your hosting. In this video I go through how to write out your url for the audio – youdomain / folder / name of audio

  • @Ecuadorhosting You click on ADD ANOTHER AUDIO you will see it in the same place where you have to post the url for your audio.

  • @PlayItamarCp – sorry for the late reply! Where is your plugin button then? Its usually on the left. If you have a self hosted wordpress blog it is always there. You never have to add it. Maybe you are using a different platform?

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