How To Buy Stocks Online SAFELY How to buy and sell stocks and shares online safely – using an online broker account. This is an educational video only and it is not meant to be a recommendation to buy and sell shares.


  • I was thinking of buying stocks… not now, I’ll wait until January so I don’t have worry about including it on my 2011 tax return. I’ll have another year to worry about it, rather than just 6 months now.

  • Excellent video! I am beginning to read and trying to learn how to trade. Your website is very helpful as well as your video. Thanks! I will continue to read your updates and hope to absorb your knowledge of the industry.

  • Hi Alessio. I appreciate your video and hope you will make more like this for beginners. Maybe you could suggest some educational material for beginners. Now in light of what you said on your BBC interview, are you still trading at the moment or are you moving everything to hedge funds and bonds?

  • Why do a lot of people that claim to make a living in trading prefer to teach/write books instead of trading?? It is something that I always ask myself, same thing with brokers, if they are good why don’t they trade with their own money? Please respond. And I really liked the video!

  • I never quite understood any of this. I feel quite dumb about it. I now understand how to buy and sell, but where can I find the best options for buying? any sites for newbies? thanks a lot, man.

  • Are you ****really the guy**** who was on the BBC? I admire the frankness of your interview, but pls forgive the question because i see a lot of snake-oil merchants appearing now linking you in their promotions for their own crap which comes across as if you personally endorsed it! So are you the real McCoy if so what is your main website where we can all benefit form what you have to show us?

  • I saw you on BBC interview and boy oh boy you made them shit themselves LOL
    Joking aside i also saw heard you in a radio interview where you said GOLD and SILVER will drop, could you please explain why ?
    I hope your instant fame isn’t going to spam your Chanel :¬)

  • Thank you for this. I have always been interested in starting to trade, by starting small and doing it individually but i have always been unable to find any outlets to do it. Everyone i spoke to who have the knowledge is always trying to get me to buy what they want me to buy so they’ll profit from it.

    Hopefully there are more videos from you teaching some of us complete greenhorns on how to get started.

  • The banks in UK just got down graded ( i think you know that already) my question is how can i make money out the down grading ??

  • Very helpful video alessio, and very simple looking forward to more, my facebook is Lord Mena Ramsis, im a big fan… goldman sachs wont rule the rule if everyone is educated like your doing now with these videos, add me 🙂

  • @alessiorastani just one thing not asking how much you have made but can you easily make a living, and what are good stocks to buy at the minute .thanks for your time ps good video

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