• Great video Lisa but what happened to the instructions/video on “install wordpress on windows” that you referred to in this video?
    I went to your site as you instructed and did a search for it but couldn’t get any results.
    Would really like to see how you do this so can you please tell me how to find it.
    Thanks Lisa

  • Great info but I wish it was longer. Maybe put it in parts next time. I have a banner that is a jpg. How can I put that as a banner on my blog?

  • Thanks so MUCH! I’ve completely built my site from watching you!!!! My friend from Jamaica showed me this in Canada. I love your site! AND your a great teacher!

  • Awesome job! Thanks for introducing me to a whole new area of WordPress editing, which allows you to truly customize WordPress themes.

  • @shockinggenius Plugins or add-ons are like gadgets that you can add to a FireFox browser or a WordPress blog. They allow users to do many things. For example, one FireFox addon will highlight all instances of a word whenever you click a word on the internet. 1 WP addon will provide instant keyword density information whenever you start a new blog post. There are 1000s of plugins / addons. To add in WP, add the following after the / in your domain home page: wp-admin/plugin-install.php

  • GIRL… You are a life saver! Years ago I built a web site from scratch and it wasn’t easy because I really didn’t know what I was doing. I don’t really remember everything but, I am able to follow what you’re saying, step-by-step, and I think I can do what I want. I’m still at the beginning so far but, I’m just excited and had to stop to tell you, I am LOVIN this! Bravo and Thank you!

  • wow I gotta say I absolutely love your theme, main thing I love is the big youtube, fb, rss, etc buttons up top, and the simplicity yet cool looking look to it lol. Any way I could get a copy of your theme without the banner of course, and I plan on changing the colors up a bit, I just mainly want the big button up top please please…

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