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  • HI:

    I went and watched your How to Create a Custom WordPress Navigation Menu With Menu Manager.

    But I cannot see the Code you’re changing in this Video, under the Themes File, under Header. What’s WP Elly, or whatever you called it. I have a laptop with a 17″ screen monitor. but I cannot even see what Code you’re changing in this file, at about the 4:20 mark to the 5:40 mark. Where is the code you have in this video?

    Thank you,

    Jon Lutz – promoterpower@gmail.com

  • @jonpastorrapture see it here:


  • For those who don’t know code, how can we use this plugin? You lost me once you started talking about code.

  • @lambda1982 you don’t have to know code, you just have to follow the instructions in the tutorial. if you can’t do that, you can’t use the plugin. besides, you really don’t need it now as wordpress has built-in menus.

  • Hi man, I am new into blogging and stuff and I’d like you to help me out with a minor issue that I have. I posted a video on my blog embedded from youtube. On my home page the video appears and there’s no problem, but I added it on my VIDEOS category on the main menu. However, if I go to the VIDEOS category in that menu the video doesn’t appear, just on my main page. Ty

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