How To Create Custom Forms on Your WordPress Website – Video Have you ever wanted to publish a custom form on your WordPress website or blog? This video shows you how to set up custom forms to capture any kind of information from your visitors and email it to you.


  • Thanks Don. I wanted to create a contact form and could not find the proper plugin or info. This video helped tremendously.

  • Can you install the same form inside a blog post, to collect email addresses instead of the standard ‘contact us’ form at the end of a post? I want to insert an ’email form’ inside a blog post.

  • @tafica1 – you are right, it’s not in the WordPress plugin directory any more, but you can still get it if you Google CForms II and download it from there. Lately I’ve been using an even better plugin (but it cost a few bucks) called Gravity forms.

  • do you know of any plugin that i can use to provide quotes for clients based on number of hours required, number of albums, number of photographs etc. they’ll choose the options from a drop down and the calculation would be performed. Out would pop a quote!

  • You know when you go to a site and you have to signup and get a confirmation email. How do you do that on WordPress. Thanks

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