How to easily edit your WordPress theme without scripting

A video tutorial on how to edit and change your current WordPress theme without doing a single bit of scripting (which is nice for the lazy people out there like me!) Tutorial for downloading FireFTP: Psdtuts (Photoshop tutorials): All you need is a way to recieve and send files to your site (I use the free FireFTP add-on for Firefox), any picture-editing application (I use Photoshop), and an ability to search for images on Google!


  • was quite helpful..thanx man.
    I have few questions…what abt changing the top Tabs (dont know what technically they are called) i.e HOME ABOUT CONTACT… to add a new one or rename an excisting one??

  • For MY theme (Black Urban)… on your WP dashboard on the left side, go to the “Appearance” tab then the “Links”. From there you can change which links go to which pages.
    To ADD pages you can link to, go to your “Pages” tab and then to “Add New”. After you create the page you can change one of the links to it. I think that’s what you’re talking about?

  • Or you can “Edit” your pages, of courses. I’m actually kinda wondering how to link one of the top tab links to a different url that ISN’T one of your pages. I can’t find a way atm, but if you figure out a way feel free to share it with me! 😛

  • @OgrAdaY Do you mean the top four buttons on the page? (i.e. “Home, About, etc”)
    Using the theme I am, “Black Urban 0.5.2”, you can change the buttons by going to “Appearance” –> “Links” on your admin panel. However, without scripting you can only change the links to other pages you have on your blog. Meaning you can’t make one a link to an outside website like Google or something.

  • @coolioman9606 do you know how to change that with a script? cuz i made a banner for the top that i want to link to my youtube channel, facebook, and twitter. and im having lots of troublemaking links. if you could help me that would be fantastic. feel free to msg me.

  • @cpcheatsandsecrets I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking. If you mean the top four links on this particular theme (Black Urban 0.5.5), you cannot add a fifth link without going into the scripting and doing that manually. You can change which of your pages the buttons link to, however, by going into the “Appearance” tab –> “Links” on your WordPress admin panel. Hope that helps!

  • Okay Thanks I read my comment again and it made no sense what so ever lol! The other question was. If I could Create a new Page on WordPress not using that theme could I edit it by doing that? But now I understand! Thanks! After all I am not much of a coder

  • loved the tutorial but my favorite part was when you’re creating the header made me laugh hehe 🙂 thanks a bunch!

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