• Just wanted to say that i agree with all the comments below a great tutorial, clear easy to follow, Highly recommend it for anyone setting up joomla on godaddy

  • Thank you SO SO MUCH! You have no idea how frustrated i was getting trying to work it all.

    I like how slowly you explain things, as opposed to other tutorials which speed through things. THANK YOU!!!!

  • @Danbo19721 – You’ll need to backup the site with either JoomlaPack or it’s new version called Akeeba Backup then reinstall the backup under the new path. There are a series of steps involved in completing this task. I will try to add a tutorial on this very soon. Most likely this weekend.

    Thx & Have a good one! 🙂

  • Under the godaddy applications, my install status has been stuck on “installing application” for two hours now.
    Anyone have any idea what’s wrong?

  • @Screamus Most likely GoDaddy’s doing something with their servers right now and certain tasks are taking longer than usual. Once and a while this happens with GoDaddy. Also, their support is 24/7 so you might want to give them a call and say “Hey, uhh… what’s goin on?!?!” 🙂

    Have a good one!

  • @creativedstudios What does it matter if she is a man or a woman, but DEAR LORD, THAT IS RUDE TO ASK!!!! (Not shouting, but emphasizing) Her name is Aliya and it sounds like she is trying to speak quietly, as if someone is sleeping. (BTW, you should NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant either.)

  • THanks for the video.

    Now that I installed Joomla , using godaddy, how do i start building my website. Thanks for your assistance .

  • @Screamus Yeah thats Happening to me too. IDK Whats Wrong. But mine has been stuck all night long. Did you get yours Fixed.

  • @FSXman456 Yes, I had to do a manual install though, which means downloading all the joomla files, then uploading them via FTP. It only took about an hour (if I recall correctly),

  • Well done video tutorial. I tried some others which were not explained well and returned to this video to do the full install and setup. I am awaiting the data base build then off to your next video. Thanks for doing this … much appreciated.

  • i had to many worries with goddady , i found a web hosting webclo.com i’ve bought a hosting plan with them and they made a fully instalation of Joomla for me, my site is working perfect now

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