• Very good.I have been trying to find and have looked at lots of vids to explain clearly and properly how to install WordPress using MYSQL, this is the best one(part 2 is better because it has the meat).There are plenty explaining how with cpanel, if you have it but I don’t.

  • Hello,

    This would have to be one of the best tutorials of all times. Not just for WordPress install but in general.

    Very clear voice and good quality.

    I have two websites one has CPannel the other doesn’t so this video helped me install it, thankyou so much.

  • I’m a trainer myself and I brows the net for many tutorials, but this is top in the ranks!! WOW! What a clear presentation. You have a gift for teaching my friend! Fantastic work!!! Cheers!!! and please do keep it up!! I need help on Joomla too!!!

  • 7:27
    euhm i dont have a c-panel yet or something nor do i have a website, need to create one with…wordpress =P

  • Awesome tutorials. I’ve always had trouble with FTP. However I find it’s much easier to install WP with simple one click installation under fantastico de luxe in your cPanel. Saves a lot of time.

  • @tdparisi If you mean the whole uploading part you can just compress the files to .rar /zip and extrakt in filemanger

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