How To MANUALLY Install Joomla 1.5 With cPanel – Part 2 of 2

***REVISION!!! “Site Name” setting at 3:15 should be set to match your company or domain name. This value is used when members of your site receive emails from from your site, including welcome emails. You can also set this manually at any time after installation in Administration: Site – Global Configuration – Site Settings – Server Also – go to Site – Global Configuration – Site Settings – Site and configure the Meta Description and Meta Tags right away as it takes weeks for google to index these values. Meta Description is the summary shown on google results, and Meta Tags are keywords to help your site get indexed. You might have to manually configure the FTP file system access layer after install if you have errors when trying to install templates. Tutorial here: If you run into any problems, I suggest watching my tutorial on how to install Joomla on a FREE 000webhost website; If you can install it there, you can install it anywhere: Or, if your provider has Fantastico (or similar auto-installer), you can auto-install Joomla, but you might not be getting Joomla 1.5 that way. Tutorial here:


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