HOW TO SELL ANYTHING-Grant Cardone & Kerri Kasem – Grant on Kerri Kasem’s talks about jobs, selling and how to prosper….—– part 9 of radio show


  • Grant – You’re the man. I always like watching your vids.
    I’ve been looking forward to buying and reading your book, “Selling: Secret to Success”, but it’s not at Barnes & Noble. I’ll get it from your website when I get to a computer (I’m writing this from my phone).
    Do you recommend that book or the newer “Sell to Survive”?

  • HI Grant,
    thanks for the great upload. I really enjoyed it. I would liked to see the video edited so that you take out the people that keep interrupting you.

  • I just realized the strange correspondance between Grant’s last name, and how used to be a legendary car sales man. Something very hypnotizing about it, lol. “CAR DONE” haha. You da bomb grant. Thanks for always being a positive motivation for people, and being all about what’s always important, the Business! 🙂

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