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How to sell avon online. Learn how to sell Avon online! Learn how to sell Avon online and get rid of your overhead cost at the same time. I want to share with you how to sell Avon online and make money in your sleep. Aweber: Yep Text: Want to learn about text message marketing? Click the link! For more information on how to expand your online business go to: **************************************************** Avon Products, Inc. Corporate site. Representative opportunity selling cosmetics, clothing, toys, perfume, jewelry, books, and videos. Avon At A Glance A Career with Avon Avon is the world’s leading direct seller of beauty and related products, with over billion in annual revenues. Avon markets to women around the world … Welcome to Avon: The Company for Women Looking to buy or sell Avon? (United States) or one of our many customer websites across the world. Avon Home Based Business. Avon Overview, Product Info, and Rep Listings. … Avon, Inc. maintained the strongest online public inter. … Avon on the airways, Avon Opportunity Ad Representatives tell the Avon … Help, |, Security & Privacy, |, Conditions of Use, |, Β© 2007, Avon Products Inc. Avon Products, Inc. NYSE: AVP is a US cosmetics, perfume and toy seller with … Current members of the board of directors of Avon Products, Inc. are: Don … Avon Products From Avon Inc | Tips For Healthy Skin Care Avon beauty products! Millions and


  • Ok, that is good information. I”m thinking about becoming a Avon rep for extra cash.
    The Avon site you are talking about is it your personal site or are you using the official Avon site to sell the product? I don’t plan on going door to door to sell the product a am very interested on selling it online.

  • How long ago did you sell Avon? If you sign up there is plenty of Training from both Avon corporate as well as there should be training from your upline – I know that I offer help to my downline members but unfortunately not every recruiter does help their downline members & so the new reps do not get the help they need

  • @AvonCTStyle I sold Avon in 2010 I wanted to take advantage of the Internet because Avon was a trusted name and brand. I did go through the online training they provided but it wasn’t enough. Yes you are right my upline had no idea how to use the website. She would help me with my offline promotion which was great but as I mentioned before I wanted to use the internet more so I could pull in more profits. How is your Avon business going and do you use your website?

  • @bittersweetlip I’m talking about the Avon site they provide you with when you sign up. If you want to learn how to sell anything online come sign up to our website I think I’m going to do a series of videos to show people how to sell Avon step by step online. If the people demand it I’ll put it in motion πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comment!

  • I’m about to have a full site that will show you how to sell Avon and Mary Kay online!! Get ready, get ready people!! πŸ™‚

  • Your video totally inspires me, i’ve always heard people buy from people they have a relationship with. I was selling avon online and will proboly start again thanks to your video. I was told that you can’t sign up people to sell under you online until your first 5 people you sign up through the person who signed you, have you heard similar. Thanks for the inspiration! I absolutely hate the job i’m in and would totally like to make avon work for me.

  • CON’T I just wanted to say in addition to this that this is the first avon video that i have come across that has actually told me step by step how to make money online with avon, i’m going to give it a try and does this work for you as a full time income. Thanks!

  • @submitbannerusa1 I’m glad I can be an inspiration to you that is why I am doing this πŸ™‚ and yes my upline told me about signing up 5 people then my site will allow me to sign people up online. I just finished an complete course that goes deeper into how to set up and sell through the Internet. I will post a video about it and I will leave the link in the description for everyone who is interested. Thanks for watching!

  • You remind me of my high school sweetheart. Ya’ll talk alike. But anyway, I know that has nothing to do with Avon just had to say something. Now, about Avon, your tips were really cool. Especially bringing up text message marketing. I mean if doctor’s offices can text you a reminder about your next appointment, Avon Reps can most definately do it too. Thanks Al!

  • Hey, I just watched your video & I am very impressed, I am thinking about selling avon online but I keep thinkin that its gonna be difficult to do because Ive never sold anything online before, but at the same time alot of people say that its easy… So I dont know… But anyway is it expensive to sell avon online, is it hard to sell online?? thanks

  • My sister and I are thinking about building an Avon team. I thank you and totally agree with all of your marketing tips – joining various forums, text message marketing, etc.. In this day and age of a billion individuals who are on the internet, opportunity abounds. Your tips have also helped me with ideas as far as building business relationships with my other business. Honest question — is the market saturated in NY? Thank you so much!

  • @virtuallygreene1 NO WAY!!! I live in NY the market is never saturated no matter where you live because people sign up to be Avon reps and then they quit. If you keep pushing and have top quality customer service it will not matter who is selling Avon near you. Just stay focused on making your Avon business better and you will win πŸ™‚

  • @MsTAYSHAUN It’s no expensive to sell Avon online & it’s not hard at all. You are welcomed to click the How To Sell Avon link in my description there you will find a full online video course that will show you step by step how to sell Avon online. If you have any questions leave me a message πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much! I’ve shared this video with hundreds of Avon reps… I hope they watch. One of my good friends told me about aweber today which is awesome!! Thanks for checking out and subscribing to my page

  • I also want to thank you for your invaluable tips. I definitely plan to subscribe to aweber — what an awesome tool to grow your business. Are you still an Avon rep? When ready, I would like to connect with a forward thinking visionary such as yourself as well as others. Can you recommend an Avon rep to me?

  • @virtuallygreene1 Your welcome and soon you will be able to connect with others as I am setting up a Master Mind conference call for Avon reps to help generate ideas. I am even considering coaching a few reps that want to take their business to the next level. Bernapril20 is an Avon rep click her name she left a comment on this page…..I hope this helps πŸ™‚ Oh yes and Aweber is great in the How To Sell Avon Online course I go into greater detail on how to use it and why.

  • @victoriyahbeautytips We have a whole website that shows you step by step how to set up your site and get traffic to it. Click the “HOw To Sell Avon Online” link in the description the system can be used for any product not just Avon or you can find some videos right here on Youtube. I hope this helps πŸ™‚

  • Ok, this is exciting information! I’ve been an Avon Rep in Atlanta for a month. Of course I’ve sold to all of my friends etc. now its reaching the people I don’t know! The tips given here sound pretty solid & I can’t wait to start implementing them & watching how my business grows. Thank you!

  • @virtuousjewel4904 Your welcome πŸ™‚ make sure you join us on Facebook just search for our page “HOw Toο»Ώ Sell Avon Online” and get even more tips.

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