How To Sell Avon Online How to sell avon online. If you are an avon sales rep and would like to learn how to sell avon successfully then watch this video and learn how simple it can be to sell avon online. Don’t forget to comment and rate the video


  • Hello,
    I enjoy your video but would love the actual steps to sell avon online. I love the idea but it doesn’t have the info we need. google has a lot of different advertisments you can do and most of them you have to pay for. Please if you have the time do a step by step on how you actually do place your site on google for free. Thanks. I definitely will pass it along to all my downline if you do make it : )

  • @Avonrecruiter You can go to my website (there is a live link in the description box towards the bottom) and you’ll see on the right column a bunch of resources that can help you…

    Free is good, but it’s better if you do your research through paid advertising first so you can focus your efforts on good keywords…

  • Thank you for the response. I’m sorry I had misunderstood. I was thinking it was free like how you can link your site to the local google map and have it pop up right at the top when someone types the keywords in for your local area. Thanks for the fast response.

  • Do you feel it is possible to build a profitable avon business simply by useing the avon website….the reason i ask this is because i’m not really one to go up to strangers on the street.Thanks for any info!

  • @bornblond9gb Yes and no… It all depends on how you drive traffic to your website and what kind of relationship you have with the people you are taking to your website… Anyone can buy Avon from thousands of distributors, why should they buy from you? That’s the question you have to answer and that’s how you gain loyal customers.

    I’m not one to go up to strangers either, which is why I position myself in front of people who are ALREADY looking for what I have to offer….

  • Hello i am a fairly new avon representative and i’ve been watching your video and i found it be helpful as to what i’ve been looking for as to how to located customers online, that make sense as to pinpointing one product and emphazing on that item. I am some what lost though as to afer locating the item on google how do i connect to the customers i need some help as to what to do can you help me please.


    avon representative.

  • this avon representative just watched your how to sell avon onine can you email at with the step by and how and what to do especially after pulling up the product on google how do i get the customer to go to my avon website i really need help if you can please

    thanks again

    avon representative

  • Hi, I just started selling Avon, and I would like to know how to in depth get my Avon web page to the top of the of google’s search page? Thanks for the video.

  • I am an Avon Rep and found your video to be helpful. I would prefer to sell online. I am somewhat familiar with SEO and will take your advice about googling an avon product to sell.

  • Hello, Thanks for advice. As an Avon rep, I find it is hard to get the knowledge you need to be a successful Avon entrepreneur.

    Although I am a bit confused as to what you meant in regards to the two options in selling online, i.e SEO and sponsored links (excuse the mental slowness).

    Could you pehaps explain what this means or how these options relate to the marketing stratergy you have described?


  • @theabstractcompany Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means you make your website show up in the free Google search results whenever someone searches for keyterms that could lead to a sale (takes time & work)… Sponsored links means you can have an ad running in the next hour whenever someone searches for the same keyterms (takes money)… sponsored links appear along the right side of the page in Google and sometimes in the first two or three results on top… everything else is free results

  • im an avon rep but i stay at home during the day so how can i make any sells if i dont knw any one out there

  • im an avon rep but i stay at home during the day so how can i make any sells if i don”t know any one out there

  • im an avon rep but i stay at home during the day so how can i make any sells if i don”t know any one out there ive got my own online store too but not that many bussi ness yet.

  • very good information I have been selling Avon about 4 years now and you are right you must know what you are doing to make it work because no one likes to be sold they will buy a product because they want it .

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