How to Sell : Learn to Sell Your Product or Service

Visit our website for more videos How to Sell ; selling a product, service or even an idea ? In this episode we examine the art of selling as well as what you need to have before selling your idea. Whatever the circumstances of your sale you have to know your customers and target market. Identify the need of your clients and create a proposal either written or just as a mental reference, this would be your sales letter. Know core values of your product and how they address your customer’s needs and wants..Selling your idea can be a challenging task. In this episode of StartMeUp Videos we invited Albert Behr to walk us through the process of patent search, product development and finally selling your product. He provides insights on how to protect your idea and how . Albert provides examples from his experience on trade marks, copyright and commercialization of ideas. You can examine the different channels that you can use to sell your product. Sales can be different based on what you are selling, different channels and distributions can be used and you need to analyse your options. We ask him about sales and marketing your product with a limited amount of resources as well as the challenges of a startup might face in regards to the competition. Patents Guide : Canadian Patents Data Base


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