How to Sell More Beats and Make Money on Music, Secrets No one is Telling

Sekhu (SG-1) from Tha PieceMakerz Reveals How to Sell More Beats and make Money on your Music. ,Working with like Dr. Dre on the DETOX, Sean Kingston, Flo-rida Etc… Using their experience to help the average artist achieve maximum Success in the Music Career!


  • the thing thats buggin me is im working with professional artists i have production out in stores world wide but im not really making jack. idk what to do i know my beats are dope not being cocky but i was told by established artists that my stuff is dope that theyve used and made a hit out of but when i go to sell a beat to someone they just dont wanna pay. can anyone help me? please?

  • @reg0587 i totally understand you. I feel the same, i signed a contract to a big publisher over here in europe. Everyday people ask me to do a song, a beat or whatever. Nobody really wanna pay for it, maybe 50-60 euro and thats nothing for the work i do!! All i do right now is saying no to these peoples, If 99 people dont pay, the 100 will, hopefully LOL!

  • @reg0587 you have to teach your fanbase to want your music! do it by using “sub-linguistics or” rinse & repeat” (remix & re-label, & sell it in a different region) Are you actively communicating your needs to your fanbase? It’s extremely important to move quickly, give aways, comps & quizes are also great ways to move tunes, daytime free2air TV ads 10 seconds during the superb bowl Cha ching, Oprah’s fav things,instant sales or Ellen (everyone adores Ellen)call them, They is only people too uno.

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